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A day at Lake and Kedzie

The UHC team was taking advantage of the slightly warmer but cloudy weather this Saturday at Lake and Kedzie to apply biogenic cellulosic aggregate with the Garfield Park Community Council. The Garfield Park Community Council “strengthens, promotes, and encourages opportunities that support an engaged, equitable, and vital Garfield Park neighborhood” - and one piece of that work is at Lake and Kedzie. Students from the Green LUNGS program participate in the beautification and revegetation of the site during the program time and have been fortunate to plant hundreds of plants as a part of this community effort. Thank you to the team.

Frozen Compost Doesn't Stop UHC!

We are moving into Spring, but we’re not quite there yet… Volunteers at Northside Prep High School worked very hard to chip away at a compost bin’s tough exterior of frozen compost to get to the yummy center. This particular pile is a "high carbon" or "cold pile" designed to deal with nutrient cycling using fungi and soil invertebrates. The material was being transferred to another bin to finish the process. After the pile maintenance was complete, the team moved onto the ever so rewarding task of harvesting Jerusalem Artichokes (Helianthus tuberosus).