Board of Directors

Board President

Larry Asimow
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Emily Lake assumed the role of Director of Urban Agriculture in 2007, a position created in recognition of her unflagging dedication and responsibility, after a UHC field internship in 2006 while completing a degree in Environmental Studies at Northeastern Illinois University.

Treasurer, Interim Media Coordinator

Andrew Arbetter served as UHC’s Acting Treasurer in 2009, and was promoted to Treasurer of the Board of Directors due to his active involvement in the management of the bank account and financial transactions for UHC for several years.

Board Member

Molly Meyer owns and manages Rooftop Green Works, LLC, which she founded in 2009. Molly also owns and manages Molly Meyer, LLC, which is a green roof design and consulting firm.

Board Member

Brian Lutey joined UHC as a volunteer in 2008 and became a member in 2009. He provides UHC a valuable perspective from the industrial sector.

Board Member

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Board Member

Anna Glen is a co-founder of UHC and has served since its inception in 2004. Her work as a landscape architect is supported by an education in ecology and engineering, experience in law and education, and a life-long interest in language and culture.

Board Member

Cathy Chung is an architect and a regular at UHC, usually found digging pits, building chunk-walls or under a mound of comfrey. She is also interested in teaching people how to live in ways that use less resources.

Board Member

Lawrence Barnes is the computer guru that is the main powerhouse behind this website. He also is an expert in wood-chip moving and seed sowing, and makes regular contributions to the UHC compost pile.


Mike RepkinExecutive Director

Mike Repkin, one of Urban Habitat Chicago’s founders, became Executive Director in October 2011. He served as President for the organization’s first five years, then stepped down to concentrate on his leadership roles in UHC’s environmental restoration and urban agriculture projects, and education programs, especially at Northside College Preparatory and Marshall High Schools.

Maria Hernandez actively plants, cultivates, and harvests a wide variety of organic vegetables, fruits, and flowers at UHC. Often she'll feed the UHC crew with her a variety of exotic latin concoctions.

Luis Mesa

Amanda Raeburn

Kerem Sengun

Will Sauceda

Dirt Actualizers

  • Alexandra Barnes
  • Angel Becerra
  • Curtis
  • Deontay
  • Sean Duboe
  • Daisy Eineda
  • Baxira Fox
  • Raul DeLira
  • Jasmyne
  • Julie
  • Nnesaba
  • Lawrence Riley
  • Jonathan Tienda
  • Arial Robinson
  • Erica Robinson