What we are doing in 2016

Catering for the Forest Preserves of Cook County

Partnering with the Forest Preserves of Cook County, 3 of our members prepared and cooked a variety of food for about 100 people. Camp Dan Beard was having an event called "Party in the Parks" for National public lands Day. Our group brought prepped food in coolers to the Northbrook and then cooked them in a firepit. The theme was self preparation as in campers could pick and choose what they wanted to cook (red potatos, onions, peppers and cheese) in foil packets and while they were waiting could munch on elotes (corn with mayo and cheese) or quick biscuits as well as interact with each other.

The Camp itself had educational and recreational events such as spoon carving from, fireside stories and an enourmous bonfire.

Wheat grown on rooftops and harvested by UHC

Studio Gang partnered with Omni Ecosystems to grow amber waves of wheat on their rooftop. Some members of UHC had the opportunity to thresh, winnow, and sift the wheat. They followed up by consuming the wheat in the form of fried wheat cakes. See the full article:

Rooftop wheat fields elevate Chicago’s urban farming scene to exciting new heights..